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To The Point T-Shirts
All sizes available.
$18.50 postage paid for US orders.
$30 postage paid for world orders.

Please refer to the catalog for To The Point t-shirt ordering descriptions.

WORLD ORDERS ONLY: If ordering a shirt with another purchase, $20 per shirt. For example, if you order an LP ($30) and a shirt your total would be $50.
Bastard Noise - Our Earth's Blood Part V 7"
Collaboration release with the highest level Japanese sound artists of modern time. 500 copies only on "starburst" vinyl. Includes a "pocket sleeve" and double sided insert with all the lyrics!
Bastard Noise- Our Earth's Blood Part 5 EP
OUT 9/11/15!
To The Point / Sidetracked Split 7"
Sidetracked is super fast all the way through while To The Point does the same, not a lot different than Is It Safe. 500 press total. Preorder (200 copies) available now!
To The Point / Sidetracked Split 7"
OUT 9/11/15! OUT 10/16/15!
F.Y.P.M - Public Disgrace LP
American Hardcore from Cleveland, Ohio. Erba on vocals from bands GORDON SOLIE MOTHER FUCKERS and NINE SHOCKS TERROR! Preorder on red wax (100 copies) now!
Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise - The Lost M.I.T.B. Sessions Gatefold LP and Poster
Preorder vailable now on limited wax. See Releases for full description.
FYPM - Public Disgrace LP Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise - The Lost M.I.T.B. Sessions Gatefold LP and Poster
OUT 11/27/15! OUT 11/27/15!
Terminal Nation - Self-Titled 7"    Heavy stomping hardcore from Arkansas. Think Weekend Nachos, Infest, Siege, and Breakdown. Preorder limited to 100 copies now! Fast Asleep - Outside the Fence 7"
Fans of early West Coast thrash and PV will be circle pitting in their bedrooms! Think old COC, Pissed Happy Children, and Cryptic Slaughter. Limited wax preorder now!
Terminal Nation - Self-Titled 7" Fast Asleep - Outside the Fence 7"
OUT 11/27/15! OUT 11/27/15!
Cave State - Self-Titled 7"   
Fast power violence that Southern California is known for, reminiscent of Spazz and Crossed Out. No frills, just fast hardcore. Limited preorder of 100 available now!
Lifespite - Self-Titled 7"
This is negative hardcore! Crude, blunt and hateful hardcore for axe-wielding maniacs into Haymaker, Sheer Terror, Left For Dead, and Infest. Limited preorder avilable now!
Cave State - Self-Titled 7" Lifespite- Self-Titled 7"
Fractured - Dilapidated EP OUT 11/27/15!
Fractured - Delapidated 7"
Ten songs of fast hardcore, depression, and abuse. Bob from Low Threat Profile. Kevin from Lack of Interest. Hans from False Negative. For fans of No Comment, Despise You, and Antidote. Limited wax of 500. Preorder now!

Deep Six Records specializes in grind, power violence, sludge, thrash, and hardcore. Recent artists include Bastard Noise, Nausea, Lack of Interest, Cold World, Low Threat Profile, Extortion, Hummingbird of Death, ACXDC, To The Point, Phobia, Weekend Nachos, Fast Asleep, Fetus Eaters, FYPM, and Cripple Bastards.
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