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You can also find Deep Six Records releases through distributors such as Independent Label Distribution, Ebullition Records, Raunch Records, RSR and Hate Ape Productions, Revelation Records, Blitz Records, and more! Please go to the Distro page for a full list.

Format United States World

7" $10.00 $22.00

10" $15.00 $25.00

12" / 12" and bonus 7"/ Double 12" $20.00 $30.00

CD $10.00 Without jewel case = $14.00
With jewel case = $25.00







We use PayPal for all credit card purchases. Send payment to after following the important steps as shown below.

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PayPal Instructions

If you still want to order the old fashioned way (through the post office), here's how and where to send your order:
1. Write your name and address legibly (that means it's easy to read!) along with your order.
2. If you decide to send cash, hide it well! We can't be held responsible for greedy mailpersons.
3. For non-U.S. orders, please send payment via International Money Order. Pay in U.S. currency only.
4. Send your order to:
Deep Six Records
PO Box 6911
Burbank, CA 91510

Some Deep Six releases contain naughty words and controversial ideas, so don't blame us if Mom & Dad get mad.

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