Out before November 2014, To The Point Give Me a Reason 7". All new trax including "Is It Safe?" 500 press.

Out before November 2014, Low Threat Profile Product #3 7". Reduced down to it's original two-piece core with Bob on drums and Matt on guitar/vox, LTP deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "f*ck you" on top. Yellow wax is available for pre-order.

Coming soon! Man Is The Bastard / Bleeding Rectum reissue!
This classic 1992 release and 2013 reissue features one of the most underrated bands of all time within the H.C./punk underground: Bleeding Rectum. Hailing from Belfast, North Ireland, Bleeding Rectum has core members from Pink Turds In Space as well as Marty, a second devastating, teenage lead guitarist and Roy, the sickeningly, evil vocalist. Bleeding Rectum are the "real deal" in true, rogue, blitzing power and form. They define hardcore punk with their unduplicated musicianship and total system-hating lyrical concepts. Roy's violent and clear delivery is ferocious as it is brilliant. The lead guitar is wicked without being too "rock.” By today’s standards, Bleeding Rectum slays the competition with the highest levels of rebellion and musical prowess. A MUST LISTEN !!

On their fifth release, Man Is The Bastard explore new liberating and socially aware territories though the classic line-up of Barnes (guitar/noise), Connell (drums), Kenyon (bass/vocals/lyrics), and Wood (bass/vocals/lyrics). Tracks range in length from under one minute ("Idget Child") to over eight minutes ("Infibulation"). Man Is The Bastard’s dual bass and drums nucleus paired with the utter genius of Barnes' home made "caveman electronics” hold their own easily within the grooves of this platter. The Kenyon/Wood dual vocal compositions raise the bar to take hardcore to a new progressive level of writing. This is the height of the early stages of Man Is The Bastard and tracks like "Kai Lai", "Son Of Thug" and "Man Is The Bastard" only define the band's passion beyond expectations.


First, a giant thank you to everyone who has been beyond patient while we wait as the battle of the pressing plants are waged.
Afgrund, Hummingbird of Death, and Fast Asleep LPs are being put together right now. Band copies are being sent out first (they have waited long enough) and then the mailorder copies go out.
The MITB/Aunt Mary is out now.
Manpig and Noisear are still at the plant.
We're hoping To The Point will be out this Friday.

Releases scheduled for August and September:
8/11/12 Deep Six Records #183: Bastard Noise- Progression of Sickness (10" EP). First 100 mailorder on color wax.
8/24/12 Deep Six Records #177: Fast Asleep- Self-Titled (LP). First 50 mail order on grey wax.
8/25/12 Deep Six Records #155: Man is the Bastard / Aunt Mary (10" reissue with poster). First 70 mailorder on pink wax.
8/25/12 Deep Six Records #???: Hummingbird of Death- Skullvalanche (LP). First 70 mailorder on green wax.
8/25/12 Deep Six Records #185: Afgrund- The Age of Dumb (LP). First 50 mailorder on color wax.
9/11/12 Deep Six Records #190: To The Point- Success in Failure (EP). 300 press total.
9/25/12 Deep Six Records #187: Noisear- Turbulent Resurgence (LP). First 100 mailorder on color wax.

Ordering for all above listed items is open now. Items will be sent as they are released. Therefore, if you order items which come out on two different dates, you will get two separate packages to make sure orders are not delayed.

Updates for April/May pre-orders:
Deep Six Records #174: Weekend Nachos/Lack Of Interest (EP) Out now and shipping out mailorders
Deep Six Records #164: Sidetracked/Self Inflicted (EP) Sent out some mailorder. Picking up the rest 6-1-12 and will ship remainder of order this week.
Deep Six Records #163: To The Point- Mentally Checked Out (EP) Picking up the records on 6-4-12 and will ship out that week.
Deep Six Records #170: Landmine Marathon (EP) Shipping out the orders this week.
Deep Six Records #169: Cold War- Fast Berlin Hardcore (CD) Just got them in the mail and shipping out next week.

Updates for April/May pre-orders:
To The Point- Mentally Checked Out (EP): Not back from the pressing plant yet.
Cold War- Fast Berlin Hardcore (CD): Not out yet.
Sidetracked/Self Inflicted- Split (EP): Currently being sent out. It's hot off the press. So hot, in fact, that we didn't even get the full order, which should be done this coming week.

We have discontinued our "Tour" page because so many bands have converted to posting their information through Facebook applications that make it impossible to copy the information or the accompanying artwork. I'm not even going to entertain the idea of me hand typing all of the information, emailing bands and waiting two centuries for replies, etc. Thank you for understanding.

The latest emailer contains an error in that it reads the LOI/WN split limited mail order edition is on white wax. That is incorrect. It is on green wax. Sorry for any confusion.

Deep Six Records #157: Weekend Nachos- Worthless (LP) Will be back in stock May 14th on white wax.
Deep Six Records #117: Weekend Nachos- Unforgivable (LP) Will be back in stock May 14th on red wax.

Also, on the slate for June 5th:
Phobia- Remnants of Filth (LP). CD on Willowtip
Fast Asleep (LP)
No Comment- Live (EP)


Low Threat Profile- Middle Aged Casualty 7" and Manpig- The Grand Negative 12" and CD have been delayed. Hopefully, we'll have more details soon.

Lack of Interest has finished recording a whole slew of material. Some will be used for a split LP with Weekend Nachos (hopefully out by late April, 2012) and others will be used for a split LP with Bastard Noise (hopefully out by the end of 2012).

Deep Six Records has started a Facebook page. Go check it out for updates and interactions with D6 friends and fans.

Slated for Feburary, 2012:

Low Threat Profile- Middle Aged Casualty 7"
Reduced down to it's original two-piece core with Bob on drums and Matt on guitar/vox, LTP deliver another nine scoops of vanilla hardcore with a dollop of whip cream and a "f*ck you" on top.

Manpig- The Grand Negative 12" and CD
The back story on this one is way too long to get into so let's just cut to the chase. This is an '05 re-recording of the '92 original recording that was lost by the studio. Drumming by RD Davies and guitars/vocals by Matt Domino. There are 17 tracks on the 12" with 3 extra tracks on the CD. The CD also contains the original instrumental rough mix with bass being played by Dave Ring. Classic DRAWBLANK procrastination at it's finest!

Just a reminder that we have releases on vinyl that you can only find in CD format from their original label pressings. Recent rereleases include Looking For An Answer- Eterno Treblinka, Gatefold 12" on red marble/splatter vinyl, as well as all of Landmine Marathon's full length releases. Recent rereleases include their newest release, Gallows, 12" on turquoise and white marble vinyl and their first release, Rusted Eyes Awake, 12" on puke green marble/splatter vinyl.

The lacquers have just been cut for two upcoming releases. The first is a new LP from the hardest working fastcore unit in Idaho, Hummingbird of Death! The second release is a split 7" with Sidetracked and Self Inflicted. Hooray for new releases and double hooray for new bands on Deep Six!

As some of you may already know, several moons back some really lucky buckaroos at Scion were given a grind/thrash/metal bomb and Scion let them run with it. In turn, they've sponsored countless shows across the nation. On March 5th, 2011 they hosted the Scion Rock Fest in Pomona, California. Check out their high quality video footage of the bands that played, including our very own Bastard Noise performing "Earth on a Stretcher" and "Pincer's Movement" as well as an interview. No joke... this is high quality audio and video!

We've had a few delays for releases set to be ready on September 5th but expect them to be ready this month sometime. They are the following:
Bastard Noise- Skulldozer 12" and CD
Cripple Bastards- Frammenti Di Vita 12" and bonus 7"
Looking for an Answer- Eterno Treblinka 12"
Reproach- The Bitter End 12"

Wood of Bastard Noise just got done with an interview. To read our brother's words of wisdom, follow this link to Operation Grindcore's blog

Extortion represses ripe and ready for the pickin'! Get them now before they're out of print again and you have to wait painful amounts of time in hopes of another repress. Here's what we got:
Extortion/Agents of Abhorrance 7"
Extortion- Control 7"
Extortion- Degenerate 12"
Extortion- Sick 12"

Fast Asleep from Santa Cruz, CA are added to the Deep Six family. They like it in your face and in your liver. Riffs flow like a river of IPA and a hangover is imminent. Fast Asleep plan on recording in June and you can also check them out on the upcoming Reality part #5 7" coming soon. Get it? Live it. Get Livid. Fast Asleep!

Extreme Noise Terror has very sadly lost one of their founding members, vocalist Phil Vane. The band has not released any details as of yet but they have confirmed that one of the inventors of crust has passed away at the young age of 46. Deep Six Records is incredibly bummed to lose such an innovative and enthusiastic, die hard punk.

Weekend Nachos are currently working on their latest full-length, "WORTHLESS", which will hopefully be done by the springtime. Faster, heavier, and more hateful than ever before!

Bastard Noise is always up to something, so here's what's up, directly from bassist and vocalist, Eric Wood:
"Bastard Noise has recently visited the recording studio (in late January) documenting its new line-up of ARTZ/CONNELL/WOOD with four of seven new compositions set in stone (another basic tracking appointment is needed this month of february to finish just the "raw" bass and drums). All initial recording is being done @ TRENCH STUDIOS (PHOBIA/D.I.S./EXHUMED among others) and once the basics are "captured", the files will be taken to master producer MICHAEL ROZON ("ROGUE ASTRONAUT" / "THE RED LIST" / "A CULTURE OF MONSTERS" ) for bass overdubs, vocals, mixing and editing. Six of these tracks will end up on our brand new upcoming full length 12" LP/CD to be titled "SKULLDOZER" and one epic piece will be featured on the upcoming CREATION IS CRUCIFIXTION/BASTARD NOISE split 12" EP.
Aimee, our brand new vocalist/electronics member is doing amazing work as the "new skull" and has given our line-up the freshest energy we have felt in a very long time! She is a "total keeper"!
BASTARD NOISE also has another full length 12" LP release upcoming that is ALL lost M.I.T.B. tracks now adopted by this modern line-up. Only WOOD's original bass track and CONNELL's original drum tracks have been kept and now the additional work has begun to complete this long awaited session. Initial tracking was done over thirteen years ago and the final recordings will feature WOOD, CONNELL, BEATTIE (NO COMMENT / M.I.T.B. / LOW THREAT PROFILE / DEAD LANGUAGE), new BASTARD NOISE member AIMEE ARTZ (PROGERIA), AMBER ASYLUM founder and vocalist/violinist KRIS FORCE, and NOLAN (THE ENDLESS BLOCKADE) - this is also being worked on simultaneously. As well an ALL electronic 12" split LP between ACTUARY/BASTARD NOISE is moving slowly towards a release date."

On April 2 & 3 Reproach will be recording their new LP "Hopeless" at the legendary Studio 195. 14 new songs, clocking in at around 15 minutes probably. From the mouths of Reproach: "We really worked off our ass for the new material, poured our heart and soul into it and they're some of the most pissed off songs we ever made. Andrei Bouzikov is taking care of the full color artwork so you know it's gonna be killer. Deep Six will put it out on vinyl in the USA and Crew For Life is doing a CD version for all the Japanese thrashpunks out there! Not sure yet about a European release."

Phobia has been hard at work as usual and has a stream of new releases in the works including a split with Jesus Cross, a US release of their split with Gadget, a four way split with PLF, Suffering Mind, and Audio Kollapse. Last but not least, Phobia will also be releasing a seven inch on Deep Six in the near future.

Deep Six is currently working on releasing a 7" from Chicago's Cyborg, which features members of Weekend Nachos. This will be the vinyl reissue of their 2010 demo tape of which only 100 copies were made.

Today is the day that This Comp Kills Fascists Volume 2 on double vinyl is out! Extortion, Lack of Interest, Despise You, and many more are on this compilation. Yeah, I know, I know, "Another comp?" some of you will moan. This Comp Kills Fascists series are unlike any compilation before them. Each band has multiple, exclusive tracks and there are no throw away bands. The cream of the crop on these babies!

A happy new year to all you purveyors of harsh music! We thought we would let you know that we will be partnering with Draw Blank Records on this site. Soon, Draw Blank will have their own page with more to add to our site for you.

This year at Maryland Deathfest (May 26-29), Deep Six Records is proud to have three bands on this massive and impressive bill. Cripple Bastards, Extortion, and Lack of Interest will be there and if you're lucky, so will you!

The Low Threat Profile 12" we have been anxiously awaiting is finally out! If any of you were smart enough to indulge on the first seven inch titled Product #1 then you definitely won't miss Product #2! Plus, the release of the repress of No Comment's Downsided 7" and No Comment's Common Sense 7" are out today as well! Christmas came three days late this year!!!

The website is being revamped to include a Pics and Vids page in which you can check out pictures and videos of Deep Six bands. It will be a work in progress at all times (especially now) but guranteed to be entertaining. If you know of some pics or vids that you feel should be included, please let us know by emailing the webmatser.

The long awaited El Rostro de la Muerte from Hirax has been released and has been well worth the wait. It's rare that I get excited about a metal release because so much of it tends to be not a confused mess of not-very-metal boredom. Thank goodness (or evilness) that Hirax made sure to not only stay away from boring metal, they wiped it off the face of the earth with this new release. Hands down some of the best metal I've heard since I was a kid. Fresh, over-the-top, and totally bad ass!!! Check out our Sounbytes page to get a feel for what I'm ranting and raving about.

Reproach is doing a European tour opening for Municipal Waste and Victims (damn lucky fuckers!). What an incredible bill! Check out our Tours page for all the shows and locations.

Weekend Nachos' newest release, Unforgivable, is finally out on Deep Six Records. The only problem is all of the distributors bought so many copies that Deep Six is already sold out of them!!! However, here is an easy way to find where to order them. Google the following words: Weekend Nachos, Unforgivable, distribution. Plenty of distributors will pop right up.

Hirax is tenatively scheduled to release their full length entitled El Rostro De La Muerte on vinyl and CD on Deep Six Records at the beginning of June 09. Also, for those Hirax fans out there, Youtube has a lot of live performances of Hirax for your viewing pleasure. Check them out!

Reproach, from the land famous for beer, chocolate, and its multilingual citizens, will be releasing more mayhem on Deep Six Records. In May 09 look for the re-release of their self-titled LP. This will be a split release with Holy Shit! Records. Don't worry, new stuff will be following as another split release between Deep Six and Holy Shit! Records will be putting out the new Reproach LP (date not set in stone yet).

Looking for an Answer will have their splits and rare stuff released on Deep Six Records in the near future. The CD will get the following stuff, for first time on CD format: Split 7” EP w/ CATHETER, Split 7” EP w/ ZANUSSI, Split 7” EP w/ COMRADES, Split 7” EP w/ OVERPOWERING, and Split 12” LP w/ IRA ET DECESSUS, as well as unreleased cover songs from REPULSION, NAPALM DEATH and RUIDO DE RABIA, a 35 song CD.

Weekend Nachos is currently working on their next release, which will be their 2nd full-length, Unforgivable, to be released on Deep Six Records in May (hopefully just in time for Maryland Death Fest). A CD version will be available as well, in addition to the 12" vinyl. Shows, as always, are few and far between as they need to focus on practicing and recording right now, but a summer tour is in the works, as well as appearances at 3 upcoming fests: Midwest Fuck Fest, Maryland Death Fest, and Dudefest.
They have also posted a new merchandise blog.

The Los Angeles Murderfest 5.0 will be hosting many Deep Six Records' bands including Cripple Bastards, Lack of Interest, Outlaw Order, Phobia, and Voetsek! We hope to see you there.

Deep Six Records' website is launched. If you have been to the Deep Six Records website before its new makeover, you can understand why this is needed. Bands are always encouraged to keep in touch with the webmaster and visitors are encouraged to make suggestions or point out any difficulties or errors they see on the site. Go to our contact page for information on how to get in touch with him.

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